Strategic Planning

You have the perfect team. You have a budget and a goal. You’re ready to organize and engage… But it’s just not coming together.

We get it. Nothing is more frustrating than having all of the pieces and not knowing where they fit. That’s where we come in.

The Rayvan Group plans and facilitates Strategy Days that educate, challenge, inspire and unite Board members. Through pre-retreat surveys, interactive discussions, presentations by program coordinators or beneficiaries, evaluation of current challenges, and creation of goals, the Rayvan Group helps Boards prepare for the year ahead.

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Strategic Retreat – 6 hr

Strategy Days provide board and key staff members with an opportunity to engage and discuss the most critical issues affecting your organization. They may address any number of issues, including:

  • Strategic planning for the year
  • General board training on a specific issue
  • A recent change in leadership
  • Re-energizing your board members and key staff
  • Training in development/fundraising
  • Confronting a challenging issue specific to your nonprofit or organization


Strategic Retreats are perfect for setting direction, as well as plotting out plans of approach. Not to mention the hugely beneficial outcomes:

  • Producing clarity and focus around getting the nonprofit out of crisis.
  • Creating action steps for areas for improvement.
  • Generating a funding model for future growth.

Strategy Days include:

  • A one-hour teleconference to plan the Strategy Day.
  • Up to 3 pre-retreat interviews (30 minutes in length) with board members and staff members. *Additional interviews are available at The Rayvan Group hourly rates.
  • A pre-retreat survey drafted by The Rayvan Group for completion by those attending the strategy day.
  • An agenda for the strategy day drafted based on results of planning teleconference, interviews and survey.
  • 4-5 hours of facilitation for the strategy *Additional hours available at The Rayvan Group hourly rates.
  • A summary report of the strategy, including action steps.

Worried About Follow-Through?

We see the best results with our clients who begin with a Strategic Retreat and continue to meet quarterly to strengthen commitment, accelerate their growth, and stay on track.

This annual plan is designed to keep you and your board accountable. Too many organizations veer off-track when they most need to remain focused. Make sure to do right by your nonprofit.

Let us help you continue toward your goals while allowing for adjustment as needed.

Annual Strategic Support

10 hr – $9988


Are you stressing out over making your fundraising strategies work, rather than having them work for you?

Are you scrambling to meet revenue objectives in time?

It’s time to seek assistance from a team with extensive experience and a proven success record. That’s where we come in.

By looking at the bigger picture and placing it in context with your current strategy, as well as looking for any gaps in your development department’s various strengths, The Rayvan group can bring effective strategic solutions to your team.

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Jarrett shares her enthusiasm and personal life lessons to deliver a delightful and meaningful session. Her workshop “Recruiting Your Personal Board of Directors” provided me a pause to reflect on what is most important in my life, a boost of inspiration and an action plan to supercharge my network.
Joni Rae-Westwood


Jarrett shows us the power of sharing our own experiences and stories to heal ourselves and heal the world. Her vulnerability and authenticity will inspire and connect your audience and have them reconsider how true connections and community are born.
Kristi Hall

Conscious Connections & Thought Leaders Summit

Jarrett is sassy and smart. She had the crowd cracking up before she even got started and then was able to bring it in to deliver a powerful talk about finding your community and finding your way. She is a fun speaker, delivering a strong message of overcoming obstacles.
Michelle O’Neill

Integrative Nutrition Coach, and Speaker

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