Nonprofit Grants Matrix

This is a very important tool that I have used successfully with my clients over the years. When used consistently and strategically, you should see your grant efforts increase. Remember that only funders that match your mission should be added to the matrix and relationships are key.

Creating your own grants matrix for your organization helps you get a grasp of your funding opportunities. It helps you prioritize which are deserving of your limited resources at what time. Using this grants matrix in conjunction with a grant calendar can keep you on time and on task, focused, and confident that no detail has been overlooked in your quest for grant funding.

Share this matrix at every board meeting and share it with key leadership, too. If anyone on your board or staff knows the funder, that’s a great way to get the door open and begin building (or strengthening) your relationships with them!

What You Get

This download includes an excel spreadsheet and instructions on how to get started & get funded!