By looking at the bigger picture and placing it in context with your current strategy, as well as looking for any gaps in your development department’s various strengths, The Rayvan Group can bring effective strategic solutions to your team.

It’s time to seek assistance from a team with extensive experience and a proven success record. Don’t just take our word for it: Book a high-level assessment today!

Nonprofit Nerd Out Session

1 hr 30 min 

Coaching Package

(4 Coaching Sessions)

4 hours

Executive Services


For Nonprofit Leaders

Developing strategies for building up and funding your organization can be stressful. I have almost twenty years of experience in coaching to help you through it. Together, we can come up with a system that works for you.

Whether by working with your team or on a one-on-one basis, I can help you reach your potential as a leader. Invest in both your and your nonprofit’s development: invest in your future.


Transitional periods involve a lot of chaos and confusion, which makes it vital to have core elements you can rely on.

When you’re in need, we answer the call. The Rayvan Group team is ready to step in and serve as Interim Executive Director or Director of Development. Jarrett is a proud graduate of the Interim Executives Academy and is ready to bring her expert-level guidance to your organization during times of change and transition.

Strategic Planning

We get it. Nothing is more frustrating than having all of the pieces and not knowing where they fit.

You have the perfect team. You have a budget and a goal. You’re ready to organize and engage… But it’s just not coming together.

That’s where we come in. The Rayvan Group helps boards prepare for the year ahead. Let’s have a conversation.


Strategy Days provide board and key staff members with an opportunity to engage and discuss the most critical issues affecting your organization.

Strategic Retreats are perfect for setting direction, as well as plotting out plans of approach. What do you want to accomplish? Let’s get there together.

    Book your Strategy Day today!

    Strategic Retreat

    6 hours

    Annual Strategic Support


    10 hours

    Worried About Follow-Through?

    We see the best results with our clients who begin with a Strategic Retreat and continue to meet quarterly to strengthen commitment, accelerate their growth, and stay on track.

    This annual plan is designed to keep you and your board accountable. Too many organizations veer off-track when they most need to remain focused. Make sure to do right by your nonprofit.

    Let us help you continue toward your goals while allowing for adjustment as needed.


    Jarrett had tailored her coaching to my specific needs. With her guidance, I feel much more confident and capable of taking on this role I’ve agreed to serve. Jarrett is readily available, insightful, and dedicated to my success.

    Andi DeFelice

    President, NAEBA, Savannah, GA, SRP

    The Rayvan Group was very effective in helping us develop a strategy, plan, timeline and kept everyone on our team on task. They quickly embraced the work that needed to be done and helped move the staff and volunteer leadership along in the process. We not only reached our goal but more than doubled it.

    Tom Egan

    Executive Director, Foundation for Senior Living

    Jarrett is a great facilitator who helped our organization get through a very ambitious agenda at our annual board retreat. As the President of Tempe Leadership, it was my job to organize the retreat, and I chose Jarrett to help us facilitate our strategic planning portion. We had a lot of work to do in a very short amount of time and she helped us tremendously – we came away from our retreat with a concise and manageable amount of strategic goals for the coming year. It would have been very difficult to do it without her help, and we are deeply grateful for her time and expertise. I would gladly recommend Jarrett to any organization in need of a skilled facilitator.

    Nancy Puffer

    Tempe Leadership

    Contact Info


    (480) 251-4108

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