Strategic Planning

Strategy Days provide nonprofit leadership with an opportunity to engage and discuss the most critical issues affecting your organization. They can be especially effective when they are designed and developed to include board and key staff members when it is relevant to the organization’s operation and impact.

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6-Hour Strategic Retreat


Interim services offered include both Director and Development positions.

The Rayvan Group has the unique experience of having served as the key spokesperson for many for-profit and nonprofit organizations, in addition to having extensive knowledge of the best approaches to many donor prospects. Additionally, our team has the unique advantage of having served in nearly all possible nonprofit leadership roles within the sector: board member, fundraising staff, corporate funder, volunteer and consultant.

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1-on-1 Coaching

For Nonprofit Leaders

Developing strategies for building up and funding your organization can be stressful. Luckily, I have almost twenty years of experience in coaching to help you through it. Together, we can come up with a system that works for you.

Whether by working with your team or on a one-on-one basis, I can help you reach your potential as a leader.

Through executive coaching, I can:

  • Provide an assessment of your current Development Strategic Plan, and give strategies to strengthen weak areas
  • Assist you and your team with a comprehensive Strategic Fund Development Plan that’s customized for your nonprofit and your donors’ needs

Invest in your nonprofit’s development and your future.

One-Time Coaching Call

I love to teach on how to build and implement strategies that will fund your organization and if you are looking for someone with experience in various aspects of the sector to listen, collaborate and coach you through a particular challenge or initiative, we offer a one-time coaching opportunity to get unstuck. Schedule your Coaching Call Today.

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1 Hour


I had the privilege of working with Jarrett Ransom during her time as the Interim Executive Director of a nonprofit organization I volunteered for. As a board member, I was impressed with Jarrett’s attention to detail, immediate action to organize, and grow the organization’s donor and volunteer base. During the selection process, Jarrett was quick to show that she had put time and energy into researching the organization and had identified areas of growth that could take the organization to the next level. Jarrett’s passion to support non-profit organizations was apparent immediately. Jarrett’s guidance prevented any sort of chaos or turmoil that could have happened without any sort of interim leadership for a growing organization. She quickly got to work putting systems into place that would help to increase donor engagement and build a sustainable foundation for the organization. I felt encouraged by the efforts that Jarrett made to ensure the success of the organization and felt that my voice as a volunteer was heard. I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Jarrett and also that her expertise was able to support our growing organization during a critical time of transition. Jarrett is an asset to any organization that has the opportunity to work with her.

Zoe Burcham, CMP

Alisa's Angels Foundation Board Member

I have been working with Jarrett for the last year to set up a scholarship for Alisa’s Angel’s, a nonprofit where she has been serving as the Interim Executive Director. She has been delightful to work with and has had a clear positive impact on their organization. She is an excellent communicator and helped to get the many parties on the same page. She brings a positive and knowledgeable passion to the table and gets everyone excited to meet and get to work. One skill I have particularly noticed is that she always knows the right questions to ask. This is very important when bringing together parties who have experience in different realms. I definitely recommend working with Jarrett whenever possible!

Becca Allpow

Arizona Community Foundation

I am grateful for Jarrett Ransom – her knowledge, experience and coaching. Coming into a Director position in my organization at a time where change management was so important (and continues to be), Jarrett’s guidance and coaching has helped me to stay focused and sure footed as I move forward in this position and work to move the organization forward per our goals and objectives. She is now starting to work with my team, and I am happy to say she is also now working with our Board and Leadership teams! I highly recommend Jarrett Ransom and the Rayvan Group!

Marcy LaRont

St. Joseph the Worker

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