Are you stressing out over making your fundraising strategies work, rather than having them work for you?

Are you scrambling to meet revenue objectives in time?

Nonprofit Nerd-Out Session

1 hr 30 min

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Quick-Start Development Assessment


What is a development assessment?

A development assessment is an evaluation of your fundraising program and readiness to embark on new fundraising ventures.

If you are:

  • Drained from chasing every dollar
  • Tired of working hard on fundraising annually
  • Not satisfied with the outcomes of the annual giving program
  • Looking for increased Board participation
  • Seeking an objective evaluation of your development program
  • Preparing for a major gift, capital, or endowment campaign
  • Engaged in the strategic planning process
  • Looking at restructuring your development office
  • Searching for a sustainable funding model for the future

A Development Assessment may be the answer to your frustrations.


Begin Where You Are.

Our strategic assessments begin with deep discovery to determine where we are versus where we want to go as an organization. Then we brainstorm solutions and often begin to map a journey for reaching goals. Strategic assessments begin with my Nonprofit Nerd-Out Session. Book yours now.

Nonprofit Nerd-Out Session

90 minutes


In the rapidly changing landscape of the nonprofit sector, it is critical that thought leaders help us navigate. Jarrett Ransom, the Nonprofit Nerd, is just such a person. This rare talent understands the challenges and opportunities of philanthropy. With a concise, thoughtful, and observant approach to working with nonprofits, Jarrett inspires and encourages all who are able to work with her. I find her humor, warmth, and direct manner the right mix to help nonprofits get things done as they achieve their mission, vision, and values.

Julia Patrick

American Nonprofit Academy

Jarrett is a hardworking and dedicated development professional. She is experienced at creating a comprehensive development plan, directing the fundraising programs, and managing the staff, board, and volunteers.

Frank Bourget

Executive Director, American Red Cross, Northern Arizona

Jarrett is truly a nonprofit fundraising and leadership expert. I have had the privilege of working with Jarrett for several years now and I have learned so much from her on how to drive meaningful results as a consultant and business leader. Jarrett is an inspiring, energetic leader and a positive, creative force in the nonprofit community. I am confident that any organization that works with Jarrett is getting the absolute best leadership and fundraising expertise out there.

Skye Mercer


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