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Jarrett Ransom has oriented her life around her community. She has served in the nonprofit sector for over fifteen years, and is the owner of The Rayvan Group.

Community saved her life, and she wants to give back by helping you overcome obstacles, all while staying positive and focusing on the lesson in a “silver lining” kind of way. Her primary focus is to help you identify, create and strengthen your own community of support: your personal Board of Directors, if you will.

Through her own personal experiences, Jarrett relates to her audience, and she can coach and guide you to achieve those “ah-ha” moments that will change your perspective on almost anything.

You are not alone. Through laughter and tears, Jarrett will hold you accountable and work with you to achieve your goals through her coaching sessions.

Jarrett Ransom resides in Phoenix, Arizona and is available to work with clients all over the world via telephone and Zoom.

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The Rayvan Group works with clients nationwide to build sustainable and effective fundraising solutions. We serve as an extension of your team and work in partnership with your organization.

​Under our leadership and guidance, The Rayvan Group, has helped make BIG IMPACT.

Last year’s summary:

  • Helped to raise $1.2 mil
  • Awarded 58 grants
  • Served 12 clients
  • 325 hours of pro bono work for friends around the globe

​Our goal in 2021 is to help raise over $3 million for our clients!

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(480) 251-4108

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